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We are aware of that you have devoted a significant amount of resources and time to the yachting hobby that you will start with enthusiasm. As in your business life, we will continue to share our experiences in the sector in order to make successful choices in this matter and to continue this hobby with pleasure.
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Portofino Marine Group

We Eliminate International Barriers to purchase the Boat You Are Looking For And Offer Different Alternatives From our Rich Portfolio.

When It Is Time To Change The Boats You Own, By Managing All Operations From A Single Center, We Do Not Have any Communication glitches In This Process.

We invite you to explore the beautiful bays, islands, beaches where every shade of blue and green is mixed with each other that you may have never noticed before.



Choose your broker instead of your Boat !

We know the brands and models closely, and we know the differences with their counterparts very well.

Hundreds of different boats we visit throughout the year allow us to have the most perfect perspective.

We always answer your questions objectively and professionally not commercially.

We know all the potential alternatives available and not available in the second hand market.

We follow the direction of the market and we guarantee you a stress-free purchase process with our experience.

Think ; It is not just a purchase

We offer different alternatives from a rich portfolio by removing international barriers to find the boat you wish to buy

By managing all sales and after-sales operations from a single center, we do not make you have any communication difficulties in this process.

We share the service fee and costs to be paid with the parties before any purchase, and we do not allow surprise costs at the time of sale.

By applying international control procedures in all purchases, we guarantee the parties in all aspects.

After delivering your boat, we continue to protect you as the material owner and we as the moral owner.



You only need Company not many

The presence of multiple brokers creates an alarming selling impression of the boat's "reason for selling".

The flow of information and negotiation processes are difficult to carry out in a planned and healthy manner, and "it drives away the real buyer" due to different comments.

Offers from different channels, even though they are "the same customer", create the perception that there is an explosion of demand and make the boat owner make the wrong decisions.

As soon as long-term advertising and marketing activities start to yield results, actions to be taken by other companies "instantly destroy all the distances covered up to that day".

At the end of the day, the owner, then the buyer and the broker are effected by the major loss.

Let the expert go for it and watch the rest

Our team embraces the process by carefully checking all the details. Thus, you know that your "new dreams and savings" are in safe hands while you are in the busy pace of your business life.

We make an up-to-date value determination by taking into account the condition and inventory details of your boat.

After you approve the sales and marketing activities, we shoot pictures and videos and activate ads on the most effective domestic and foreign sales platforms.

We ensure that your boat meets with buyers by taking place in yacht fairs and event calendars in accordance with the concept.

We reach our domestic and foreign customer portfolio consisting of approximately 20,000 people via regular e-mails.

With the Portofino Portfolio Network (PPN) system we have established, we share our boats simultaneously with 125 Co-Brokerage companies with which we have solution partnership agreements in Asia, Europe and America.

Forget everything and evaluate only the Offers

We promote every phone ringing 365 days a year and all buyers who are interested in your boat via e-mail, whatsapp and personal visits.

We plan a visit to all buyers who want to see your boat.

We keep you informed of all offers received during the process.

With our contracts prepared in accordance with international legislation; We complete the sale by following the processes starting from the deposit step up to the survey operations and delivery.